Anna Kasman is Sushi Jiro’s celebrated sushi creator and a businesswoman with more than two decades of experience sharing the joy of contemporary Japanese creations with Australian diners.

As long as she can remember, Anna has been preoccupied with great food. How to make it taste amazing, and build a memorable experience around it. Sushi Jiro is a reflection of Anna’s life’s work in learning how to build a transcendental sushi and dining experience.

Anna has earned respect and recognition from her peers across the industry as a fair and fearless leader. Her positive energy brings a fresh and creative perspective to the food industry and its sushi niche.
Anna’s philosophy is to lead from the front. She’s known as a reliable, hardworking, and knowledgeable business leader who values loyalty, positivity, and trust.
Anna’s extensive experience building cohesive, happy teams while navigating supplier and franchisee relationships with integrity and fairness has made her a well-regarded personality in all areas of the food space.

Anna’s vision

Anna’s vision for Sushi Jiro goes beyond just serving great sushi. She wants to share the art and culture of sushi, to introduce new people to the rich history and traditions of her beloved cuisine.

Anna believes that the art of sushi-making is a lifelong pursuit. Sushi Jiro embodies Anna’s philosophy of freshness: Fresh food, fresh ideas, fresh talent.

Anna wanted to disrupt the stale sushi industry with fresh ingredients, fresh flavours, fresh thinking, to create unique sushi that is both delicious and visually stunning.

Bringing together some of the finest sushi chefs in Australia, Anna’s handpicked team will be trained to uphold her rigorous standards, ensuring that every customer who walks through the door experiences the same exceptional quality that she has dedicated her life to achieving.